"Of course children suffer from divorces. I remember talking to Sean when Mel and I were divorced. Children think, ‘Perhaps he didn’t love me very much, my father, if he could go away’. That’s the way I felt when my father left. So, you become very insecure about affection and terribly grateful for it. You have enormous desire to give it and receive it. Having miscarriages is heart-rending, but so is divorce. It’s probably one of the worst experiences a human being can go through. I tried desperately to avoid it for my two sons’ sake but I just couldn’t. Could not manage that. I hung on to both marriages very hard, as long as I could, for the childrens’ sake and out of respect for marriage. You always hope that if you love somebody enough everything will be all right — but it isn’t always so. I always wanted lots of babies — that’s been a conducting theme in my life. Even when I was little what I wanted most in the world was to have a child. That was always the real me."

"People always ask me if I’m not bored just being a wife and a mother. I’m not - not at all… I think you need time to live, to invest in the things you care for the most. For me, that’s raising my boys. Children grow up by themselves, of course, but they do need to be given love. That they can’t do by themselves." Audrey Hepburn. 

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