you make it easy to be true - finchel drabble.

“Excuse me.” Rachel says when she reaches the balcony, the receptionist – David, apparently – smiling at her. “Hi, my name is Rachel Berry. I just found this passport in the elevator and I’m assuming someone has lost it, so here it is.”

She handles it to the receptionist, who opens the passport, looking quite thoughtful. “From where do you know Mr. Finn Hudson, may I ask?”

Rachel frowns her eyebrows, confused. “Who’s Finn Hudson?”

David turns the passport and shows its inside to her, tapping the picture with his index finger. “Supposedly, the owner of this passport.”

That certainly is a nice picture.

“Oh!” Laughing, she puts some of her hair behind her ear. “Well, I wouldn’t know that, considering I didn’t even bother to open it. Anyway, my job here is done, so I think I’ll just return to my room.”

“I’m sorry, miss, but we need to make sure you didn’t steal this passport.”

“I beg your pardon?” She didn’t mean to sound so insulted and when he starts repeating his last sentence, she holds up her hand, motioning for him to stop. “No, I understood what you said, but are you serious? Why would I still a passport from a guy named Finn Hudson?”

“Who stole my passport?”

 “Who are you?” Rachel and Mark ask in unison.

“Finn Hudson!”

She’s pretty sure his passport picture doesn’t make him justice at all.

“Well, sir, she might have stolen it –“

Is this Mark guy for real right now? “What?! No!” She takes a deep breath, trying to return to her calm, easy place. “Finn, isn’t it?” He nods and shit, he’s so handsome. “Well, hello, my name is Rachel Berry and I found your passport in the elevator. I brought it to the hotel’s receptionist because it was the appropriated thing to be done. The end. I didn’t steal anything.”

The receptionist makes a sound, Finn and Rachel both turning their heads to look at him. “Do you honestly believe her?”

“I’m sorry, do you have a problem with me?”

“Yes, I believe her.” Rachel smiles victoriously at Mark, who doesn’t seem to find it as amusing as she does. Finn takes his ID and his driver’s license out of his pocket, showing them to the guy. “See, I am Finn Hudson, so if you will, please just give me my passport back.”

“If you insist.”

“Thank you.” Finn says in appreciation, putting his documents back inside of his pocket.

“You should be more careful with that. I don’t think your pocket is a much safe place for them.” She says in a teasing and playful voice and he looks down, smiling.

Since when dimples are so sexy, anyway?

“You’re probably right.”

Rachel nods, trying to ignore the way he’s looking at her. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to my bedroom.”

He feels like involving her elbow with his hand and stopping her because he really wants to touch her, but that’d probably be a little creepy, so he settles for just calling her name. “Wait… Rachel, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” She turns around and her hair falls down on her shoulder and fuck, she’s gorgeous.

“Would it be okay if I asked you to have dinner with me? I mean, you practically saved me here, I could be deported and – and maybe go to jail.”

He’s adorable. “Don’t be so extreme.”

“It could happen, you never know.” He shrugs, his hands inside of his pockets.

“Finn, it’s fine, really. You don’t need to buy me dinner, okay, anyone would’ve done the same.”

“No, not – anyone. And I know I don’t need to, but I want to.”

She doesn’t say anything, just keeps staring at him.

“Come on, would a dinner be that bad?”

“Probably.” But she’s laughing and her cheeks are rose and she feels like she’s somehow flirting with him.

“I’ll let you choose the restaurant.”

She crosses her arms against her chest, looks at him knowingly. “You’re trying to bribe me.”

“Is it working?”


“Are you single? He asks naturally, not so secretly hoping that she is.

“Fast, are we?”

“Well, if you are in a relationship I can totally understand you declining my offer. Now, if you are actually single, I’m just going to feel really bad about myself.” And is it possible to have a crush on someone you literally just met?

“I am single.” She says the words clearly, loving the way his face seems to light up a bit after her answer.

“Shoot, what’s wrong with me?”

They’re flirting and she’s absolutely loving all of this.

“I’ve known you for 5 minutes, so nothing that I’m aware of. In fact, those dimples of yours give you an extra advantage compared to other guys.” And she thinks she sounds cheesy, but when he laughs and she sees those damn dimples one more time, she stops caring about everything else.

He looks at her, studies her face. And it doesn’t intimidate her or make her feel uncomfortable. Quite the contrary, it makes her feel good about herself. It makes her want to stay under his gaze for a very, very long time. “Is that a yes?”

And how sexy is his voice, by the way?

“Meet me here in the hotel lobby at 8 o’clock, sharp.”

He doesn’t even try to hold back his grin and is it too silly of her to feel her insides melt right now?

“Yes, ma’am.”

Rachel turns around, giving in and smiling to herself. “Don’t do that.” She says as she keeps walking towards the elevator.

“What?” And he stays still.

“The victory dance, don’t do that.”

He runs his hands through his hair, shyly, because did she actually see that?

“See you at 8.”


When they’re inside of the elevator, his hands on her lower back, their bodies pressed together, she whispers that she wants to sleep with him tonight. He smiles against the skin of her neck, presses a lingering kiss to this right spot behind her ear and she feels it in her heart, like he just knows her like a book he’s read several times. They reach his bedroom and between touches and kisses and smiles, they manage to get rid of their clothes. Both of them are still standing, naked, and she thought this would be awkward and new because she’s not the kind of girl who sleeps around or anything like that, but instead, she’s feeling super nervous because this, whatever it is they’re doing right now, feels surprisingly normal. The way he’s looking at her, from top to bottom, makes her believe he thinks the same.

He wants to cherish and appreciate every inch of her skin but the truth is that she needs him. Doesn’t know why, doesn’t understand why, but she does. And it scares her to think that. Okay, of course she needs him sexually right now; however she somehow feels that she might need him in more ways than this one. And she’s really trying to keep it impersonal because they’ve met literally a few hours ago and she knows her life is not like a movie from the 1950s but when he slides inside of her, whispering that he had never seen something so beautiful, she gives in and intertwines their fingers, getting lost in the feeling of him, filling and surrounding her.


Suddenly, the smell of coffee wakes her up. She opens her eyes and sees Finn sitting on the edge of the bed, looking like he’s been watching her for a while. She’s naked. Her body covered in a white sheet that’s doing not much to hide her curves and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t feel ashamed or vulnerable. She likes this, likes how this feels. Likes that she doesn’t understand why she’s feeling like this or exactly what this is. She adores the way it’s making her heart beat faster and the funny things that are building up in her stomach. However, the part she loves the most is that she gets to share this feeling with him.

She looks at him, her back pressed on the headboard of the bed. He greets her good morning and her knees go weak and she knows, right now, deep inside, that she could spend the rest of her life waking up to the sound of his voice. Waking up to his dimples. Waking up to him, to all of him.

“Good morning to you.”

He has his hands massaging her feet and ankles and in all honesty, could he get any more perfect?

Finn sees his whole life reflected in her eyes.

It’s kind of weird, to say the least, because this should be sort of an uncomfortable situation. They’ve met yesterday and had sex and now they’re staring at each other and smiling like two idiots. But then again, maybe it’s not supposed to be weird. Maybe it’s supposed to be this natural and somehow, familiar, because maybe – just maybe, they’re meant to be.

“Last night was-“


And he’s really glad she just finished his sentence because that way, he didn’t have the chance to make a fool of himself.

“It really was.”

He looks at her and he reaches so deep in her with those amber eyes of him that she simply knows he’ll be father of her children. “We should do it again.”

Finn laughs loudly. Obviously, he doesn’t think it’s funny, and clearly, he wants to do it again, just as much as she does. And she says it in a way that implies that she truly could get used to having sex with him, making love to him; get used to him, get used to them. It makes him smile, that kind of smile that fills his whole being. She makes him happy, happier.

Her voice, her smile, the way she’s holding the coffee mug, the way her messy hair is falling down her shoulders. Everything about her.

“We really should.”

And he doesn’t even try to hide how much he wants her, needs her. Wants to make something wonderful out of being alive. With her.

Rachel takes a sip of coffee, her feet lying safely on his lap, loving the way he feels against her skin. She wants him to know her inside out. Body and soul. And she wants to get to know him, too.

“We’ll have time for that later.” She really thinks so. And if this was happening with the Rachel Berry from two nights ago, she’d consider this utterly ridiculous. Impossible, even. But this Rachel knows, somehow, that they will, indeed, have the rest of their lives.

Finn gets a little closer, his hands sliding up on her legs and she adores how her body seems to respond quite immediately to his touch. “What do you want to do now?”

Putting the cup on the nightstand, she presses her hands against his, Finn laces their fingers together and she doesn’t quite know how she’s been living without his touch for the past 24 years.

“We could go somewhere and have a decent breakfast.”

He kisses her because he has to, it’s like his mouth was begging to feel hers. He slides his tongue inside of her parted lips, her arms wrapping themselves on his neck, pulling him closer. When he breaks the kiss, resting his forehead on hers, she whispers that she’s really glad he kissed her.

Finn kisses her again, replying that he most definitely is really glad, too.


After going to her own room and taking a shower and changing into appropriate clothes to go out to have breakfast, she goes downstairs. Finn’s already waiting for her in the hotel lobby, a white lily in his hand and that oh so gorgeous smile on his face.

He gives her the flower, presses a kiss on her cheek as she puts her hand around his elbow.

Finn tells her that she looks beautiful and she’s heard this from lots of men before. But he’s the only one to actually make her believe in those words.

She feels beautiful with him. Wants to be beautiful for him.

They’re about to leave the hotel when he stops, suddenly, turning to face her. “Don’t you need a coat?”

And she’s wearing this thin sweater but this is London and she loves that he cares enough to think about something so trivial.

Rachel presses a feather light kiss against his mouth, his hand warm on her lower back. “You’ll do.”

He grins because fuck, he will.


Today is their second wedding anniversary and Rachel just found out she’s pregnant.

“Aren’t you glad you lost your passport?”

“Aren’t you glad I talked you into going out with me?”

They couldn’t be any happier. 

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